Reviews - Onetaqwa Ramadan Calendar


"This is a beautiful idea, well done on your hard work!"

-ZUKREAT CEO & Founder of Artist of Makeup Cosmetics


"Definitely Yes!"

-Shelina Janmohamed, Author Generation M and VP of Ogilvy Noor


"Congratulations on your new product. That is wonderful!"

-Amanda Saab, First Hijabi on Master Chef


"May God bless you for creating such thoughtful and beautiful calendar"

-Edna Abdulaziz - Fashion Blogger @kingedna


"I think your calendar is a great idea"

-Naima Wasuqe UK Podcaster @naimawazuki


"Your Calendars look lovely! "

-Ayesha A Saddiqi Writer and Creative Consultant


"So beautiful. Such an amazing creation."

@michaelbuffham - INSTAGRAM Comment


"Amazing! Beautifully designed gift for giving and receiving. So perfect for all ages. Thank you Onetaqwa for acknowledging this special time for many people around the globe."

Alida Ali - Facebook



Rathore Rahim - Facebook


"Gerçek bir sanat olağanüstü çok güzel ve doğal - A real extraordinary artwork, very beautiful and natural"

Vahap Agır - Facebook


"Perfect gift! Wonderfully styled and presented. Dates look very fresh. Exactly what is needed need for this special time. Hope you have enough quantity for all who want to buy this incredible gift."

Fanpage Visitor - Facebook


We're just getting started with this brand new product so please send your questions, comments & reviews!

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The Prophet said: “If one of you is fasting, he should break his fast with dates..” - (Ahmad)