Our Product - Onetaqwa Ramadan Calendar

The World's Finest Ramadan Calendar

The exquisite OneTaqwa Ramadan Calendar was an opportunity to delve into the richness and intricacy of Islamic design. The creative process became an exciting exploration of vibrant colours and abstract ornamentation.

The Perfect Gift to Share

The fusion of East and West traditions being at the core of the idea, all cultures can sensitively share and mark the passing of the annual event. OneTaqwa brings you a piece that not only looks beautiful and ornate but is captivating to use. At the end of the day, simply pull out the daily box to reveal an inspiring message. Upon opening the drawer, you will find an exquisite date with which to break the fast. To keep track of the passing of the 30 Holy days, once the date eaten, replace the box in the frame with the quote side forward!

Let us celebrate the message of Ramadan.

To be peaceful. To be loving. To be generous.

The Prophet said: “If one of you is fasting, he should break his fast with dates..” - (Ahmad)