ARE YOUR DATES 100% HALAL? - Onetaqwa Ramadan Calendar


March 31, 2018
March 31, 2018

Yes of course! Our dates are 100% Halal – The exquisite OneTaqwa Ramadan Calendar was an opportunity to delve into the richness and intricacy of Islamic design. The creative process became an exciting exploration of vibrant colours and abstract ornamentation. At the end of the day, simply pull out the daily box to reveal an inspiring message. Upon opening the drawer, you will find an exquisite date with which to break the fast. To keep track of the passing of the 30 Holy days, once the date eaten, replace the box in the frame with the quote side forward! Be confident our dates are carefully sourced 100% Halal foods.

100% Halal Dates – Carefully Sourced

“Plain and stuffed, our dates have been meticulously selected to joyfully mark the end of the daily fast.”

Tradition, Devotion, Celebration

The ethos behind this calendar was to bring a new festive tradition while honoring the spiritual meaning of Ramadan To accompany you during the 30 days of the Holy Month we created a stunning calendar that can stand proud in your home. “If one of you is fasting, he should break his fast with dates. “[Ahmad] Each intricate inner box contains an exquisite date, some plain, some stuffed, carefully selected amongst the finest in the Arabian world for you to break the fast in accordance with the Prophet (mpbuh.), ”Break the fast with a date as it is purifying”. Inscribed on top of each box is a daily thought taken from the Qu’ran or the Hadiths, reminding us of the Mercy, the Forgiveness and the Safety that is Allah. Celebrate this most special of times by sending this calendar, designed and produced by just two people trying to make a difference. Shukraan.

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